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A school that is licensed and regulated by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education under Arkansas Code 6-51-601 et.al. among other things shall:

Furnish to the student upon attendance in class a copy of the program outline, schedule of tuition, fees and other charges, and the policies pertaining to absences, conduct, grading, satisfactory progress, refund policy, and rules of operations, as well as a copy of the complaint procedure.

Publish and administer, as written, admissions requirements.

Not promise employment of any type, for any period of time, nor for any rate of pay to a prospective student, unless such conditions for employment are clearly stated in the enrollment contract signed by the prospective student and an official of the school.

Publish and adhere to a procedure for handling student complaints.

Have and adhere to a published attendance policy.

Have facilities, equipment, instructional materials, instructional staff, and other personnel to provide educational services necessary to meet the stated objectives for which the educational services are offered.

Offer only programs that have been properly licensed by the Board.

If you have questions or you believe your rights have been violated, you may contact the Board staff at 501-683-8000 or email us at SBPCE@arkansas.gov.

If you would like a transcript from a closed school, please e-mail the request to dhe.private.careered@adhe.edu

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