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The Word version must be filled in on your computer.  You may save this version on your computer for later use. Use the PDF version if you want to print the form and fill it in by hand.

*The below forms are in the process of being updated. Please contact Alana Boles at Alana.Boles@adhe.edu, to receive an updated form. Thank you

Form NumberForm NameWordPDF
1000Original License ApplicationDOCPDF
1080Extension Course Site License Application NEW


1305Financial Information - Renewal  NEW 
1310Intent of Unlicensed School/OrganizationDOCPDF
1320Reporting of Sample Forms    NEW
1330Decision of a Licensed School to Cease Operations  in ArkansasDOCPDF
1340Request for Licensure ExemptionDOCPDF
1350Student Information Sheet for a Closing SchoolDOCPDF
1370Exemption For Courses Taught Motor Vehicle  Violators Pursuant to Court OrderDOCPDF
2000Program of StudyDOCPDF
2015New Programs for Licensed Career Seminar School  NEWLINK

2020Amendment to Approved Programs of Study
2025Change In Name of School or Amendment to Location or Mailing Address
2030Traveling School Notice of Move (NEW  - Online Payment)LINK

2040BBail Bondsman Course Outline Pre-Licensing or Continuing EducationDOCPDF
3000Instructor Record of QualificationsDOCPDF
3010Instructor Record of Qualifications Bail BondsmanDOCPDF
3060Drivers Education Instructor Record of QualificationsDOCPDF
3070Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor Record  of Qualifications (NEW  - Online PaymentLINK

3080Body Artist Instructor Registration Form (NEW  - Online Payment)LINK

3090BBail Bondsman Education Panel Member or Guest Speaker RegistrationDOCPDF
4600Surety BondDOCPDF
5000Admissions Representative Original ApplicationDOCPDF
5020Admissions Representative Renewal ApplicationDOCPDF
6000Fingerprint Verification Form for Partners or Shareholders NEW
6050Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau  Individual Record CheckDOCPDF
7000Catalog Amendment Bulletin CertificationDOCPDF
8000Notice to StudentsDOCPDF
8100Legal Action Notification NEW  LINK
9000Bankruptcy Notification  NEW  LINK

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