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Complaint Process

If a student believes that their rights have been violated, we always suggest they first, seek to resolve the problem by following the schools complaint process. Next, meet with the School Administrator and discuss their concerns with him/her. If the problem is not solved at the school level, the student may then contact us at 501-683-8000. We will take the following steps to resolve the problem:

  • A complaint form is mailed to the student (complaints must be submitted in writing on the forms provided).
  • Once the completed form has been returned to us, we forward the complaint to the school administrator.
  • The school administrator then has ten (10) calendar days to respond in writing to this complaint.
  • The school's response is then forwarded to the student for review.
  • The student then has ten (10) calendar days from receipt to respond in writing. If additional correspondence is not received from the student by the tenth (10th) calendar day after receipt by the student, the school's response shall be considered accepted by the student.
  • At any time the Board Staff may attempt to seek an informal resolution of the complaint.

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